About Us


Go Forward with Wisdom


To produce individuals who will be able to lead successful lives in an ever-changing world.


Through the instructional focus and learning experiences of all the programmes and practices offered, students will be empowered with the necessary tools and skills needed to confidently manoeuvre and overcome life’s daily challenges.


Respect: For each other by embracing each other’s differences, values, space, time and property, thereby enriching the well-being of everyone.

Honesty: We shall deal honestly and fairly with the public and one another.

Responsibility: To be accountable for your actions towards yourself, others, community and nation.

Excellence: We strive continually to learn to improve so that we may achieve the highest level of performance.


The scenario in which St. Dominic’s R. C. emerged was a period of great disadvantages when people were clamouring for a school in the neighbourhood. As a result, on January 23rd, 1944, the most Reverend Dr. Finbar Ryan, Archbishop of Port of Spain, laid the foundation stone, making it the first Primary School in Morvant. St. Dominic’s R. C. started with only about one hundred and fifty (150) pupils and a teaching staff of seven, under the principalship of Mr. Randolph Telesford. The school was intricately connected with the development of the Morvant Community. It is situated on Tapana Street and can be reached by traveling along the old St. Joseph Road from Port of Spain, turning left into Morvant Old Road, up Lady Young Avenue.

In the 50’s and early 60’s St. Dominic’s R. C. was a leading light in the Morvant educational Programme. Under the astute leadership the school made much progress, and became famous for discipline and for the high quality of teaching. The school also gained remarkable successes in the field of academics and also the Arts and Sporting Disciplines. So that even when other schools opened in later years, parents still preferred placing their children in St. Dominic’s. Success was experienced in the form of a vibrant Girl Guides group, which was instrumental in instilling positive values in the young girls. There were also champion cricket and football teams, which campaigned successfully in the San Juan district and the Port of Spain and environs. The school has also enjoyed great success in the field of essay Writing and Reading Competitions and the students have won many scholarships to attend schools such as ‘Osmond’, ‘Progressive’ and ‘Ideal’.

In l970, the school assumed its present structure an E shape. At the time the school had a population of six hundred and fifty (650) pupils, seventeen (17) classrooms and twenty (20) teachers. Today the school population is beaming with three hundred and four (304) students with fifteen (15) teachers. The House System has emerged from Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz to Bovell, Burns, Lara and Yorke. Competitions continue in the areas of weekly test, cleanliness (uniforms and personal hygiene). Punctuality and regularity. Presently the school continues to experience success in football and other competitions.